Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hello, this is cool, a new space to wish all my firends a very Merry Christmas.
Tis only 12 days til christmas, who wooda figured, eh! Winter is here, Mother
Nature is dropping another 25cm of snow on us again, 3rd time so far that this
nuch is coming in 1 day, the snow is sooo deep, feel sorry for the wildlife,
they are coming in early to feed this year.
I am still on spaces, but because of Pat, I thought I'd check this out also.
Toodles one and all, dont be a stranger, i'm not hard to find, either here or


Pat said...

Time is so flying so close to being Christmas. It finally snowed here Saturday, but nothing like you are having. I'm glad you are here and thanks for all your kind words. I hope I can learn to use this better than the new spaces!!! Hugs, to you my sweet friend. Pat

Dawn said...

I love the new site and I am working on mine as well. I hope to see you there.